Especially for Community-based Organizations

We believe that reliable health information is key to better health decision-making and effective health care.

However, finding the best information is not always easy.

Libraries are a great place to start. In addition, community-based organizations, such as K-20 schools, health or social service agencies, and faith-based groups are "go to" places for heath related questions.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region (NN/LM PNR), funded by the National Library of Medicine, supports libraries and community-based organizations throughout Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington that provide (or plan to provide) health information service in their organizations and communities.

Bringing Health Information to the Community

Bringing Health Information to the Community, is a blog that focuses on health information issues related to the community, especially underserved communities.

If health information is part of your programming and service, consider joining the NN/LM PNR!

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of membership in the NN/LM PNR are numerous:

  • Training regarding health information search skills, including how to judge quality health information websites and materials.
  • Connection with colleagues in your own community, state, and around the whole country who are experts at providing quality health information.
  • Consultation and support from staff at your NN/LM PNR office about health information services and training for your organization or community.
  • Eligibility for funding opportunities.
  • Educational materials from the National Library of Medicine, resources that can be used at health fairs, exhibits, etc.
  • Publicity for your organization in News Shorts for the Network (a biweekly update about regional topics distributed via email listserv) and in the PNR blog, Dragonfly.

Most of all, NN/LM PNR is a network to support collaboration, funding, resource sharing training, and quality health information services.

Call 1-206-543-8262 or email for assistance from your regional NN/LM PNR office.

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