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PNR Region


The Pacific Northwest Region (PNR) has the largest land mass but is the least populated of all of the National Network of Library of Medicine (NNLM) regions. While each of the five states has great natural beauty, there are fewer urban locations and public libraries than most areas of the United States. Only three medical schools serve the region, and a large percentage of the land is designated as frontier. As of the 2000 Census, the region encompasses 27% of the total area of the United States, yet has less than 5% of total population. Because of these characteristics, the NNLM PNR staff and affiliates find ample opportunities for creative rural outreach, cooperative partnerships, and innovative health information connectivity.

In addition to this regional page, five state web pages are available for the PNR region (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington). Each state page provides a description and map, along with selected links that describe the organization, populations and health status of the state. The state pages are designed to support NNLM-related outreach by librarians, researchers, and health care intermediaries. The scope of the content flows from the NNLM mission and from the PNR goal of improving health information services to rural and underserved populations as well as public libraries and public health organizations. The resources offered here do not necessarily represent a complete picture of each state nor of the region.

Below is a demographics table for quick reference regarding individual and collective state data.

Census (2012 estimate) and land data by state compared to the United States
  Population Pop. Rank White/ Non Hispanic Black/ African American American Indian/ Alaska Native Asian Native Hawaiian/ Other Pacific Islander Hispanic or Latino Origin Square Miles % of US area
UNITED STATES 313,914,040 NA 63.4% 13.1% 1.2% 5.0% 0.2% 16.7% 3,531,905 NA
Alaska 731,449 47 63.7% 3.6% 14.9% 5.6% 1.1% 5.8% 570,641 16.16%
Idaho 1,595,728 39 83.6% 0.8% 1.7% 1.3% 0.2% 11.5% 82,643 2.34%
Montana 1,005,141 44 87.5% 0.5% 6.4% 0.7% 0.1% 3.1% 145,546 4.12%
Oregon 3,899,353 27 78.1% 2.0% 1.8% 3.9% 0.4% 12.0% 95,988 2.72%
Washington 6,897,012 13 72.1% 3.8% 1.8% 7.5% 0.7% 11.6% 66,456 1.88%
REGIONAL TOTALS 14,128,683 NA 10,697,600 384,197 394,777 738,092 76,119 1,525,068 4,493,179 27.22%
% OF US POPULATION RESIDING IN PNR 4.5% NA 5.38% 0.93% 10.48% 4.70% 12.12% 2.91% NA NA

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