Guide 4: Plan Activities to Reach Project Goals

Now that you have done your community assessment and defined your goals, you can think about activities that might meet the needs of your community. What sort of activities would engage your community partners?

Here are some activities which public libraries and community groups have worked on together:

  • Bookmarks and brochures.
  • Children's story time with topics on community health concerns.
  • Computer/internet training with a health focus.
  • Conduct classes on wellness.
  • Enhance library and community web sites with
    local and national resources regarding breast cancer screening and detection.
  • Educate community workers on health resources available at the local public library.
  • Exhibit at Local Health Fairs.
  • Networks of supporters throughout the community leads to action.
  • Press releases to local papers and radio stations.
  • Teen night with a speaker on kids health topics.

Many libraries and community organizations have engaged in partnerships to promote access to health information and health literacy.

The following is a selection of partnerships which have activities that your library and local community organization might want to consider implementing.

Community Outreach Projects

Community Tool Box
The Community Toolbox provides over 6,000 pages of practical skill-building information on over 250 different topics. Topic sections include step-by-step instruction, examples, check-lists, and related resources. The goal is to support your work in promoting community health and development.

Detroit Communtity AIDS Library
The Goal for this project was to provide a gateway to local and worldwide HIV/AIDS information resources for Detroit and Southeastern Michigan. Community outreach is essential to ensure that the library will continue growing as a health information portal for the community. An online library was created in 1995 through a partnership of academic health sciences, medical hospital and public libraries and three urban community-based organizations serving HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons: Community Health Awareness Group, Friends Alliance and Project, and Survival.

Consumer Health Collections

Inova Health System partners with public libraries.
Learn about the possibility of corporate partnership. Inova participated in two partnerships with the Fairfax County Public Library and the Alexandria City Library. In addition to the Inova HealthSource classes offered at library branches, both partnerships worked on several joint projects including establishing a community resource center at Beatley Central Library to provide health information materials and access to Inova's automated Health Information Library.

Cultural and Bilingual Information Projects

Accessing Online Information for Immigrant and Refugee Health This project seeks to provide access to internet-based health information for members of seven immigrant communities in Seattle, in a way that is culturally meaningful.

Hmong Health Information Project Its mission is to develop health information resources, services and model programs to improve Hmong patient-health professional communication.


Community Partnerships for Information Literacy
The Yakima Valley Regional Library System partnered with the Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, the Yakima Health District, and Wellness House.
Some project goals:

  • Educate librarians, health resource coordinators, clinicians, social services workers, and the general public in use of health information resources including Web sites and libraries/ resource centers
  • Help to select physical materials and web resources related to cancer
  • Pool resources. For example, establish an online inventory of partner organizations' books, journals, and pamphlets

Additional Reading:

Community Tool Box Providing over 6,000 pages of practical skill-building information on over 250 different topics. Topic sections include step-by-step instruction, examples, check-lists, and related resources.

Nelson, S. The New Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach. Chicago, IL: ALA. 2001