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PubMed® Tutorials & Recordings

PubMed LogoHere you can find self-paced tutorials and recordings from selected NTO training sessions covering PubMed.

Short tutorials

How to Narrow Your Search Results to Nursing Journals

What do the Dates in MeSH Mean?

Create an Alert in PubMed to be Notified When MeSH Terms Have Been Applied

Share a PubMed Search Strategy via URL

Search for Citations Linked to Patient Summaries

Displaying Author Information in PubMed

Turn on MeSH Links Display

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Advanced PubMed® Tips, Tricks, and Tools

MeSH (March 16, 2016) (01:20)

This class covers several advanced concepts in the use of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) for searching via PubMed. Topics include annual updates to MeSH, the effective use of subheadings, free floating subheadings, and commonly confused terms. This course is intended for those with at least beginning knowledge of PubMed and MeSH.
Recorded Session:

PubMed® for Librarians
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You can now earn MLA CE Credit for watching PubMed for Librarians Recordings!

Introduction to PubMed (January 10, 2018) (1:04:10)

View the recording to learn about the difference between PubMed and MEDLINE, how to run a PubMed search, assess your search retrieval, analyze search details, customize with My NCBI, discover and employ three ways to search for a known citation and use the Clinical Queries search tool.

MeSH (June 16, 2017) (49:10)

Watch the recording to learn about the National Library of Medicine’s Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) database. We talk about the 4 different types of MeSH terms and how searchers can benefit from using MeSH to build a search. We investigate the structure of the MeSH database and we look at the components of a MeSH record.

ATM (June 23, 2017) (47:08)

This session covers Automatic Term Mapping (ATM), the process that maps keywords from your PubMed search to the controlled vocabulary of the MeSH database. Learn why searching with keywords in PubMed can be an effective approach to searching. The session also covers the explosion feature, what is and isn’t included in Search Details and lastly how PubMed processes/handles a phrase.

Building and Refining Your Search (June 30, 2017) (32:44)

This session of PubMed for Librarians focused on using some of the tools and features built into PubMed that are designed to help you search more effectively. Explore the new filter Sidebar, topic-specific subsets, History, the advanced search Index feature and building a search using broad subject terms applied to journals in the NLM catalog.


Using Evidence Based Search Features (July 7, 2017) (42:45)

Explore MeSH vocabulary and PubMed features that facilitate finding evidence from research.


Customization Using My NCBI (April 11, 2018) (48:20)

This video demonstrates many of the features a My NCBI account offers that can help streamline your work in PubMed. It covers: All the different ways to sign in; My NCBI filters; Custom filters; Shared Settings; Options you can apply to customize the PubMed interface; And lastly, how to save a search, create an alert and share a collection.

Using ALTBIB: What, Why and How (December 08, 2016) (41:57)

Molly Knapp hosts this one-hour webinar provides a basic introduction to the NLM Database ALTBIB: Resources for Alternatives to the Use of Live Vertebrates in Biomedical Research and Testing. The webinar describes the scope of ALTBIB, briefly explains the history of the database and why it exists, identifies key people who work on ALTBIB, and demonstrates the features of the resource. Gain with a sense of what ALTBIB can and cannot do for animal alternative searches.
Recorded Session: