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Bioinformatics Education Recordings

NTO coordinates with NLM Bioinformatics professionals to produce webinars about the exciting and world of Bioinformatics education for medical librarians. Recordings from past sessions can be found below.

CE is not available for viewing the recordings. 
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What is Bioinformatics Librarianship?

A growing number of librarians are filling a special niche in the information world: Serving those who work with genetic and molecular biology information. In this one-hour Webinar, eight of your colleagues as they explain their specialized and uniquely valuable roles at their institution.

5 Questions You Can Answer Using the NCBI Gene Database (CE not available)

The Gene resource at NCBI is a central hub for accessing nearly all molecular and literature resources for a particular gene. You can easily answer the most common questions and perform the most common tasks by starting in Gene. In this webinar you will learn about the structure and contents of the Gene resource and how to use Gene to answer the following questions about a gene.
Handout and Other Materials

5 Questions You Can Answer With NCBI Nucleotide (CE not available)

The Nucleotide database from NCBI contains nucleotide sequences from humans, model organisms, and a wide variety of other organisms. The database contains original data submitted by scientists from around the world as well as NCBI-curated reference sequences.
Handout and Other Materials

5 Clinical Questions you can answer with NCBI Databases (CE not available)

This webinar explores three NCBI clinical genetic databases: Genetic Testing Registry (GTR - a database of genetic tests ), ClinVar (a aggregator of genomic variation and its relationship to human health), and MedGen (information related to human medical genetics, such as attributes of conditions with a genetic contribution. Handout and Other Materials