Discovering TOXNET: From Paracelsus to Nanotechnology (Module 1)

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3 hours independent work over 2 weeks; 1 hour synchronous web meeting in the third week

Class Description:

Discover TOXNET and other NLM environmental health databases through videos, guided tutorials, and discovery exercises. The class is taught in two modules. Module 1 covers the following resources: ChemIDPlus, LactMed, TOXLINE, CHEMM, REMM, and WISER.

TOXNET is a web-based system of databases covering hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases. Module 1 covers three TOXNET databases (ChemIDPlus, LactMed, TOXLINE) as well as three emergency response tools (CHEMM, REMM, and WISER). You'll learn about the resources through videos, guided tutorials, discovery exercises, and solving real-life reference questions.

Who should take the class?

Health sciences librarians and health sciences professionals interested in unlocking the information in the following TOXNET and emergency response tools: ChemIDPlus, LactMed, TOXLINE, CHEMM, REMM, and WISER.

How much time?

3 hours of work on your own time (over a two week period) followed by a 1 hour synchronous session using Adobe Connect in the third week. Participants who complete the course requirements are eligible for 4 MLA Continuing Education credits.

What happens during the class?

During the asynchronous portion of the class, participants will watch video demonstrations and then perform interactive exercises designed to help them discover the information in the databases. During the synchronous session using Adobe Connect web conferencing program, we will: review discovery exercises and go over questions / misconceptions from the assignments turned in; work in small groups to recommend strategies for research/reference questions turned in by the participants; and review the appropriate database to use for different purposes through interactive polls and whiteboard exercises.


Asynchronous portion of the class using Moodle (3 hours of work):

  • Introduction to TOXNET: watch videos
  • ChemIDPlus: interactive tutorial; discovery exercise assignment
  • TOXLINE: interactive tutorial; discovery exercise assignment
  • LactMed: watch video, interactive tutorial; discovery exercise assignment
  • CHEMM/REMM/Wiser: watch videos; discovery exercises

One hour Synchronous Session:

  • Introductions 5 minutes
  • TOXNET Big Picture 5 minutes
  • Discovery Exercises 15 minutes
  • What database to use? 5 minutes (throughout)
  • Research questions: small group work 15 minutes
  • Research questions: large group discussion 10 minutes
  • Wrap Up 5 minutes

There are no available sessions of this class