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3 modules/weeks

Class Description: Results Reporting, Unique Evidence, and the Role of Medical Librarians is the openly available federal registry and results database of clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. is a vital resource for researchers, healthcare providers, and health sciences librarians who wish to consult the entire body of evidence on any particular topic. This class focuses on the results part of the database.

Class objectives:

  1. Learn about the significance of
  2. Search and interpret the results database
  3. Be informed about the number of study records with results, and
  4. Learn how health sciences librarians can advocate to clinical researchers the importance of complying with the results submission requirements mandated by federal law.


The distance learning course is available through the Moodle system of NN/LM. There are three weekly modules, which contain a PowerPoint lecture, readings, and a discussion assignment:

  • Module 1 will explain what a clinical trial is and why is a significant resource.
  • Module 2 will demonstrate ways to search and interpret studies with results from
  • Module 3 will discuss the number of records with results and the unique position of health science librarians to provide education and to advocate for the results database and submission requirements.
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