Making PubMed Work for You!

There are no sessions currently scheduled for this class, the following information may be out of date.

3.5 hours

Class Description:

This in person class is intended to hone basic searching techniques and the ability to develop search strategies that will take advantage of the PubMed interface to MEDLINE. The course will explore various methods for searching the PubMed system. Topics covered include Automatic Term Mapping, Search Results, Related Articles, Searching with MeSH, Journal searching, My NCBI, and Single Citation Matcher. This course will provide an overview of the system and demonstrate utilizing the features of PubMed to search effectively.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain how the parts of PubMed and its interface to MEDLINE.
  2. Recognize how PubMed translates the user's query into a MEDLINE search.
  3. Formulate a search using PubMed that yields bibliographic retrieval relevant to the search query.
  4. Utilize the various search options and features available in PubMed to refine searching.
  5. Review the basic functions of the features in PubMed.
  6. Identify at least three functions of PubMed's My NCBI.
  7. Develop a plan to keep up-to-date about changes to PubMed.

There are no available sessions of this class