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Twitter Chats

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Historically (does Twitter have a history?),Twitter has been used to follow a person/group/product (ex. @nnlmntc). You can also post, follow and search for tweets using a hashtag (ex. #medlibs or #pubmed).

Another use of Twitter is to use it to attend a real-time Twitter chat (or Tweet Chat).

The image below shows a screenshot of the #medlibs archived sessions. Click on the photo to view a larger/clearer image.

#medlibs Chat Schedule

How Does it Work?
At the day and time of the scheduled chat the designated moderator will begin the chat. If it’s your first time attending a chat, watch to see how people enter their responses to the posed questions. The image below shows an example of a common approach where participants respond to the moderator’s question (ex. Q1) with their answer in the format: Q1 and then continue to type an answer in 140 characters or less. Make sure to include the group’s hashtag in your response. People follow hashtags and that is how your comment will be seen by the intended audience.

Click on the photo below to view a larger/clearer image.

Twitter Chat Archive

Click here to view the #medlibs chat schedule

Here are two sites with a list of librarian hashtags:
There’s a Twitter Chat for That

Top Twitter Hashtags for Librarians

Happy tweeting!

PubMed for Librarians: Introduction to PubMed – Recording

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

View the recording to learn about the difference between PubMed and MEDLINE, how to run a PubMed search, assess your search retrieval, analyze search details, customize with My NCBI, discover and employ three ways to search for a known citation and use the Clinical Queries search tool.

Sometimes the audio and video portions of the recording are out of sync. If the slides don’t seem to match up with what the presenter is saying, close your browser window and reload the recording. This may fix the problem.

Online courses and learner-led chats

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

When your course includes online chats it may be beneficial to establish whether or not the online participants have the skills to conduct chats efficiently, integrate the information and ultimately resolve and report on the issues discussed.
It might prove beneficial to provide coaching and feedback before and outside the online course. This coaching would include reviewing the roles and expectations of  Moderator, Recorder and Participants. David S. Stein and Constance E. Wanstreet, two faculty members from The Ohio State University, presented their findings at the 28th Annual Distance Learning and Teaching Conference. Their 2012 preliminary results found that a coached group demonstrated five times more evidence of high-order thinking that the un-coached group.