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Who’s the Boss?

Tell Technology you’re Boss! 3 Tips from blogger TalentCulture from Brazen Careerist.

While technology has helped us all take great strides, sometimes it’s good to scale back a little. Here are 3 ideas to rein in technology.

1) Make an email policy.

What do you do when you just want to check your Inbox and you see a time sensitive email? TalentCulture suggests: Everyone has 24 hours to reply to all non-emergency emails; build in a time buffer, just to be on the safe side

2) Be Here Now.

Try having a device-free meeting (other than the presentation computer) so people can be more engaged and less distracted. I worked for an organization that held an annual planning meeting. I remember more than once not being able to use a computer during the day-long meeting.

3) Say Goodbye.

TalentCulture says: “When you’re away from the office, leave the office behind.” We know that sometimes that isn’t possible, but having a designated place to work and a place to leave work behind (even at home) is important. It’s good to unplug from work.