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Look at Me!

In lieu of demanding that people look at your online course, here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to create an attention getting online course.

1.Our brain likes shiny and new. Display content in a new way or use off-beat examples that are more likely to be remembered.

2.People make snap judgments. Think of your online course as your living room. Arrange the components in an appealing way so people want to stay.

3. I’ve mentioned it before in this blog. People read a computer screen differently than they read a book. People tend to scan the screen from top left to bottom right; they also tend not to read an entire article online. When designing a course page, place important elements in the upper left of a page and arrange the text in small bite-sized chunks.

4.The brain remembers better when items are placed in contrast to other items. So, a larger font or an important piece of information can be bolded or in a different color. If I gave you a list of terms, which do you think you might remember later? car, bus, hybrid car, electric car.

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