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Do you care about Twitter?

A recent CNBC blog post told of the lack luster coverage of Twitter’s IPO (first sale of stock by a company to the public) announcement. According to CNBC, on the day Twitter announced the price range for its recent public offering, the story didn’t make the top 10 on CNBC that day. CNBC featured the story on their website as well, but interest in the story dropped to number 15 within the hour.

Maybe you’re not surprised because you don’t care about Twitter, but maybe this will surprise you. On the day Twitter announced it was going public, more people were interested in Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s real estate problems (Don’t ask me what they are, I’m not following the story :-)). Compare that to interest in Facebook’s IPO, which was in CNBC’s top 10 on the day of the announcement.

Possibly, about right now, you’re saying I don’t care about Twitter AND I don’t care about Facebook either. I understand completely, but listen to these numbers. Twitter has approximately 218 million* users and Facebook has 1.15 billion users.** Millions and billions. Those are some big numbers! There must be something useful to come out of all the effort made by millions and billions of people, but I think that’s another blog post.

If you care to read more, the whole story can be found at: