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Xtranormal – Movie Maker

I attended the 28th Annual Conference of Distance Teaching & Learning on August 8-10, 2012 in Madison, WI.
In the next few weeks I will be posting about some of the things I encountered during the conference.

The first workshop I attended started with a video produced via Xtranormal.

Xtranormal makes your stories come to life. You select your “animated actors”, type or record your script, add sounds, gestures and voila, you have a short video.

Xtranormal is an online moviemaker program, an easy, full-featured web 2.0 tool. It started as a completely free tool and has now  converted to a pay for points format.  However, previews are still free and may suffice for your purposes. Xtranormal now has a  teacher dashboard to manage classes, students, and assignments, all using a simple and clean web interface.

From their website:

Xtranormal for Education was tested by Noisecast, “The World’s Noisiest Tech Blog”. Xtranormal was quite happy with the results… “We’re about as happy as a kid who just received straight A’s on his report card! You better believe we’ve got this review hanging on the Xtranormal fridge.  The folks over at Noisecast really hit the nail on the head in their assessment of Xtranormal for Education. In the review, they deliver a well-organized and simple overview of the product – what it is in a nutshell; how it works exactly, key features that differentiate the teaching platform from basic, etc. They even created their own Xtranormal video to introduce the review, which reportedly only took about eight minutes to make.”

Try it out.