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Practicing? Or am I just talking to myself?

It’s official. All this talking that I do to myself is good for me. When I drive to a new place, I talk to myself; when I buy a new gadget and try to figure out what all the buttons do, I talk to myself (sometimes out loud). I also talk to myself, out loud, when I practice my presentations.

Researchers are finding (see links below for two recent Time magazine articles) that talking to ourselves, known as self-talk or instructional self-talk in the literature, helps us focus on the task at hand so we can learn and use the new skill again without having to rely on talking to ourselves every time.

Speaking for myself (I think that might be a pun), when I practice out loud, I can almost feel the new pathways being forged in my brain. It’s sort of like acting. You have to learn the lines. Practicing helps you know what you are going to do and say.

So, whatever you call it, practicing your speech or presentation or instructional material out loud, helps the synapses in our brains to make connections between what we think and do.

Read more about the subject:

Time Magazine April 25, 2012

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