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Getting Started with Prezi: Import PowerPoints

You’ve probably heard of Prezi, an online presentation tool that lets you create a “zoomable canvas” to describe connections between ideas. Good Prezi presentations are visually engaging and allow audiences to see both the “big picture” and the details of each idea. (However, if you overdo the zooming effects, some in your audience may find the presentation “dizzying”!) Prezi offers a free version as well as various paid subscriptions with varying features.

I’ve tried Prezi at various times and found it to be a difficult learning curve. Recently I found an easier way to get started with Prezi: try importing an existing PowerPoint presentation into Prezi and then build your the Prezi from your existing content. This tutorial gives the details (scroll half way down the page to view the tutorial “Prezify Your PowerPoint or KeyNote slides”).

If you’ve developed or viewed a Prezi presentation you think is a particularly stellar example, e-mail us at We’ll publish a list in a future blog entry.