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Wrap Your Content in a Story

A recent post on Connie Malamed’s eLearning Coach Blog [] included an interview with Nancy Duarte, an author and graphic designer who focuses on presentations.

Nancy talked about oral tradition as an ancient art, but goes on to say it is an effective way to transfer knowledge to listeners during a presentation. Here is a short excerpt from the blog post that describes how to develop your story:

She wrote, “As a story framework, the structure should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. There needs to be two clear turning points: first when it transitions from beginning to middle and then from middle to end.

We call the first turning point a Call to Adventure, because you’re asking your audience to suspend their current position and join you on a journey toward your position. The second turning point is a Call to Action which should state what’s expected of the audience. The middle should structurally move back and forth between what is and what could be. This helps the audience see the transformation you’re asking them to take on—whether it’s a new belief or a new behavior.”

Read the entire interview at: