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Our Experience with Poll Everywhere

During recent in-person classes, the NTC trainers tried out a free online polling tool called Poll Everywhere. We polled the class participants with multiple choice questions to check understanding of concepts during class, as well as presenting an open ended text question to gather comments from the class. Participants can respond to the poll through a text message on their cell phone or through a web browser. Most of the NTC class participants used the web browser method since they were already sitting at a computer.

Overall we found Poll Everywhere easy to use; question set up was simple. The presenter can control whether the participants see the poll results immediately or wait until the voting is completed. During our recent classes, Poll Everywhere generally worked without problems; we had one glitch with the results of an open-ended question appearing immediately, but that may have been due to a network issue in the teaching facility. If you plan to have participants send a text message response, you may need to explain the procedure; we found the text message instructions for the open-ended question to be confusing.

We received good feedback from participants in the classes; told us they liked using the polling program and asked us for information about the program we were using.

Poll Everywhere is free for up to 30 responses per poll (you can have as many polls as you like). Larger classes would require purchasing a monthly plan. In summary, we have had good results with Poll Everywhere and think it’s worth a look for use with in-person classes.