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Mobile Learning and the Inverted Classroom

I recently attended the 2011 Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT); a yearly event at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) in Overland Park, KS []. Below are some notes from a session presented by Tracy Newman, Educational Technology Analyst at JCCC, on inverting the classroom to improve synthesis of new information by students.

Problem: Accessibility of Help

Students need help with assimilation of new information before they do homework; however, teachers are busy delivering the lecture during class time.

Solution: New approaches to Transmission

• Deliver new content via a short video tutorial or a podcast prior to class. Students arrive at class and are ready to apply what they learned.
• The video lecture is the homework; lecture time is now freed up to review the homework, answer questions.
• Provide students with a study or notes guide to complete while watching the video or podcast.
• Provide harder examples in the classroom allowing knowledge to build.
• Quiz at the beginning of class on material from the homework.
• Students as teachers: students reteach the material from homework to a small group.

Mentioned in the session and available on SlideShare: Inverting the Classroom, Improving Student Learning.

“Instead of teaching by telling, I am teaching by questioning.” – Eric Mazur. Science. 323, 50-51. 2009.

-Rebecca Brown