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Become a Member


If you're interested in learning more about participating in the Public Health Digital Library program, contact NPHCO at PHDL@umassmed.edu or 508-856-7633.


Participating Public Health Departments support their evidence-based practice and research by making access available to the Public Health Digital Library to their staff. Public Health Departments commit to paying a yearly fee, IT capacity, leadership support, time for training sessions, and participation in assessments. Specific commitments:

  • Identify a team to establish program and the digital library
    • Department executive leadership
    • IT/Web staff
    • A contact for department training or educational programs
    • A lead contact as primary liaison
  • Preliminary meeting of local team with Natiional Public Health Coordination Office staff to explain and clarify project aims and expectations.
  • ​​Installation and testing of the Public Health Digital Library on department intranet. Installation and deployment includes establishing IP authentication with vendors.
  • ​Establish linkage with partnering library as a local resource to facilitate article delivery.
  • ​Schedule training session to build capacity for finding evidence-based information resources.
  • Availability and participation in providing feedback for NPHCO staff to measure and assess usefulness of resources and process performance. Formal evaluations are conducted and ongoing feedback is provided through periodic communication.
  • Payment of fees in support of access to licensed resources via the PHDL and article delivery for material not available through PHDL collection.

The NNLM Public Health Coordination Office commits to:

  • Establishing and supporting a mechanism for continuous access to information resources via the Public Health Digital Library.
  • Establishing a linkage to a local academic health science library to support article delivery and instructional assistance as a Library Member.
  • Developing a program of instructional resources that support information seeking skills for public health departments. 
  • Continuous identification and pricing of best resources for supporting evidence based public health practice and facilitating use agreement process with vendor sources.

Fee Structure

Fees from public health departments fund the purchase and license of electronic resources and article delivery. Since the Public Health Digital Library supports the Public Health Infrastructure, funding can be applied for with CDC Block Grants. The National Public Health Coordination Office staffing and operations are funded by the National Library of Medicine.