National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Program Overview

The Public Health Digital Library (PHDL) provides state public health departments access to library resources, including e-journals, e-books, and other databases resources in support of evidence based practice and research. 

Public health departments across the country have access to information resources through a digital library available through their local intranets. Through the National Network, member libraries provide article delivery of information not found in the PHDL.  This website provides information on learning about and using the Public Health Digital Library for staff at participating public health departments.  Departments looking to become participants in the digital library program can also find information on program requirements.

Funded by the National Library of Medicine, the National Public Health Coordination Office oversees the program, securing information resources to provide the best evidence in public health research and practice. 

Participating Public Health Departments:

Alaska Division of Public Health
Arizona Department of Health Services
Boston Public Health Commission
California Departments of Public Health
Colorado Department of Health and the Environment
Connecticut Department of Public Health
District of Columbia Department of Health
Georgia Department of Public Health
Hawai'i Department of Health
Idaho Division of Public Health
Indiana State Department of Health
Kentucky Department for Public Health
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
New Hampshire Health and Human Services
New Mexico Department of Health
North Carolina Division of Public Health
Oregon: Multnomah County Health Department
Pennsylvania Department of Health 
Rhode Island Department of Health
Tennessee Department of Health
Texas Department of State Health Services
Utah Department of Health
Vermont Department of Health
Virginia Department of Health
West Virginia Bureau of Public Health
Washington State Department of Health
Wisconsin Division of Health Services


  1. Expand access to information resources through the Public Health Digital Library offered to public health departments throughout the country.  
  2. Develop an instruction plan that trains users to find timely evidence based research in support of public health practice. 
  3. Offer access to shareable resources available through partnering libraries.
  4. To continually refine a sustainable and cost efficient model of information access to a workforce that falls outside the areas where information support is often readily available.