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Consumer Health Librarian

The UCLA Library has initiated recruitment for the position of Consumer Health Librarian in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Southwest Region, Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, and is actively seeking nominations and applications.

Position Duties

  • Develops, conducts, and evaluates the consumer health information outreach program for the Pacific Southwest Region; including goals and objectives for consumer health information outreach activities based on the NLM grant, a budget to support these activities, and progress reports on meeting goals and objectives.
  • Promotes NNLM and NLM consumer health resources and programs, provides feedback to NLM on these programs, and works cooperatively with consumer health librarians at other Regional Medical Libraries.
  • Develops in-person and online instructional and informational materials, and provides training to librarians and other information providers to promote awareness and use of consumer health information resources.
  • Develops partnerships with state, public, and health sciences libraries to improve access to consumer health information resources.
  • Exhibits at regional and local conferences and meetings reaching NNLM PSR target populations, and submits presentation proposals aimed at providing education about NLM and NIH resources.
  • Contributes information via the NNLM PSR blogs, social media, and website to promote current awareness in consumer health information resources and tools.
  • Assists as needed with other NNLM PSR outreach and network activities to promote NNLM and NLM resources, programs, and services.
Alan Carr
$49,165 –$77,371