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What are Subject Primers?

NNLM RD3: Resources for Data-Driven Discovery is intended for librarians and individuals interested in how research and academic organizations generate, share, store and/or use data for scientific research, with an emphasis on research in the health, biological, and physical sciences. Here librarians will find subject primers for multiple science disciplines in addition to the major resources used in these disciplines.

Data Literacy: combining information literacy and data services as complementary activities.
Health Sciences: multidisciplinary field combining biomedical, psychosocial, and organizational aspects of health, disease, and health care.
Life Sciences: divisions of the natural and biological sciences dealing with the various aspects of the phenomena of life and vital processes.
Physical Sciences: natural science disciplines dealing with processes observable in nature.
Engineering: practical application of physical, mechanical, and mathematical principles.
Open Science: movement to make scientific research, data, and dissemination accessible to all.