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Express Outreach Awards (Closed)

Description of Award

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Southwest Region (NNLM PSR) intends to award funding for up to three (3) Express Outreach Awards, to be conducted by Network members in support of the NNLM mission, at a maximum amount of $9,000 per award. Awards may include travel expenses for Network members to represent the NNLM PSR at regional, state, or local meetings. Project funds will be distributed on a cost-reimbursement basis.


These awards, generally 12 months in duration, support a wide range of outreach projects that target health professionals, librarians, or consumers. The awards are designed to increase awareness of health information resources by health professionals, consumers, public health professionals, Regional Extension Centers, and minority health practitioners; to create culturally and linguistically appropriate resources; and to better integrate the role of libraries in clinical and translational science. 


All NNLM PSR Network members are eligible to apply.


Funding Period: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Up to $9,000 per award
Number of Awards Available: 
Additional Funding Information: 

First Priority Deadline: April 20, 2018


Application Instructions: 

Prepare your proposal using the following outline. For general assistance with proposal preparation, visit the NNLM Proposal Writing Support page.

  1. Cover Page
    • A working title for the project
    • Abstract
    • Name of the library or institutions submitting the proposal
    • Institution DUNS number
    • Date of submission
    • Primary contact’s name, mailing and email addresses, phone numbers
    • Administrative contact’s name, mailing and email addresses, phone numbers
    • Amount being requested
    • Other funding, list of any other funding received for this project
  2. Summary of the Project
    Describe project requirements and tasks. The summary should include the following:
    • Direct Beneficiaries / Populations targeted: Describe the characteristics and health issues of the population and/or geographic area in which the project will take place. In addition, describe the specific target group (including numbers and types of health care professionals, librarians, consumers, special populations, etc.) and estimate how many of these you expect the project to reach.
    • Evidence of need for the project: Explain the need for the project, include important demographic information that supports the need for the project or about the target population, describe information resources or services which are currently available, information resources or services which are needed, and relevant barriers to access. Cite any needs assessments, formal or otherwise, and any relevant statistics or literature that support the needs identified.
    • Project goals and objectives: State the project goal(s) and specific objectives expected to be accomplished.
    • Implementation: Discuss in detail how the project will be implemented, what tasks will be performed, and who will perform them.
    • Schedule/Timeline: Provide a general timeline for the project. If the project is expected to continue after the funding period, include that information and information on how it will be funded.
    • Publicity: Provide a plan for promoting the project to the targeted organization or community.
    • Personnel: Identify all project personnel and their role in the project.
    • Project Partners: Describe any institution(s) that you will be working with for this project.
    • Evaluation plan: All NNLM-funded projects involving the activities of training, exhibits, professional development, or technology improvement will be required to provide specific evaluation information at the end of the project. The standard reporting information is available from the NNLM Evaluation Office (NEO). Evaluation plans must describe how and when forms will be used to collect the required information, as well as any additional evaluation planned for the project. Forms will be provided by the NNLM.
      Describe how the success of the project will be measured and the methods to be used to measure that success. Evaluation should be tied to project goals and objectives. Describe the measures of success for each objective. Consider process objectives about what will be done (outputs) and outcomes-based objectives that specify what will happen or changes as a result. Output/process objectives are usually measured quantitatively. Outcome measures may be quantitative or qualitative. Indicate the rationale for the evaluation plan. For assistance, applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the NNLM PSR office or the NEO publications and resources in developing an effective evaluation plan.
    • Continuation plan: Describe the activities that will continue project services to targeted community or the institution's intent to maintain communication or service to the target population beyond the funding period.

      Development of Training Materials
      Applicants are required to use or adapt existing training materials if the curricular materials meet project needs. Before developing new materials, consult with NNLM PSR staff, the NNLM Training Office (NTO), and the NLM Learning Resources Database. All materials developed must be 508 compliant.

  3. Budget
    Proposals must include a budget table or spreadsheet for the costs in each category. Include a narrative justification for budget items, explaining the purpose of each item in the project. The budget estimate should be categorized by the following, as they apply:
    • Personnel
    • Consultant Costs (Hourly rate)
    • Equipment
    • Supplies
    • Travel
    • Other
    • Direct Costs
    • Indirect Costs (IDC) or Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs apply at your institution’s non-research rate (or, if your institution has no negotiate rate, a 10% Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) can be applied if you wish to claim it)
    • Total costs of project
  4. Funding Restrictions
    • Food, promotional items, and furniture are not allowable expenses. Promotional items include, but are not limited to: clothing and commemorative items such as pens, mugs/cups, folders/folios, lanyards, and conference bags that are sometimes provided to visitors, employees, grantees, or conference attendees. Refer to the HHS Policy on the Use of Appropriated Funds for Promotional Items page.
  5. Attachments
    • Additional attachments: CVs or resumes of key personnel and quotes for equipment purchases are required. Letters of support from institutions are optional.

Evaluation of Proposal

All proposals are reviewed internally by NNLM PSR staff. Proposals will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis; those receiving a numeric score of up to 10 points will be funded until funding is exhausted. NNLM PSR staff will contact applicants with questions regarding clarification and revision of proposals.

The following criteria are used to evaluate proposals. Proposals will be scored against these criteria and points assigned to each category. Scores and comments will be created for each item. Scores are 1–5 for each category with 1 being the highest score.

  1. SIGNIFICANCE (Why do this project?)
    1. Significant contributions to mission of NNLM as stated in “Description of Award”
  2. RESEARCH PLAN (Methods)
    1. Originality of research hypotheses and potential scientific merit
    2. Clarity and feasibility of research objectives
    3. Suitability of methods, tools, or approaches
    4. Ability to execute the milestones and overall project within the timeframe specified
    5. Overall strengths and weaknesses of the research plan
    6. Alternative approaches, techniques, or designs the PI should consider for the study
    7. Any additional comments on the Research Plan
    1. Qualifications and time commitments of the principal investigator(s)
    2. Qualifications and time commitments of the co-investigators and staff
    3. Availability of institutional resources (e.g. equipment, core services)
    4. Experience in experimental techniques
    5. Expertise of research topic
    1. Is the budget appropriate for this project?
    2. What modifications are recommended?
    3. What budget items could be eliminated or reduced without jeopardizing the project?
    1. Application aligns with the NNLM mission.
    2. The research project advances the goals of NNLM.

Additional Information

508 Compliance: 

Web-based resources developed for the project should strive to ensure accessibility to the greatest possible number of people by adhering to standards described in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

For more information on 508 Compliance, see the HHS OCIO Policies, Standards and Charters page.

Reporting Requirements: 

The following reporting requirements are mandatory of award recipients. In addition, upon completion of projects, all award recipients are expected to submit an article for the NNLM PSR Latitudes newsletter blog with project highlights.

  • Activity Reports: Activities held in support of project objectives must be submitted before the 5th day of each month following the end of the activity. Examples include training sessions held, project partner meetings and updates.
  • Final Reports: A final report of project activities, outcomes, and evaluation findings must be submitted within 30 calendar days upon completion of the award. Reports will be entered and submitted to the Outreach Application and Online Contract Reports System. NNLM PSR staff will provide additional information for accessing the system upon making an award.
  • Exhibit Report: Awardees who conduct exhibits must submit an NNLM Exhibit/Health Fair Evaluation Form within ten days of the event.
NIH Public Access Policy: 

Recipients of NNLM funding are required to deposit any peer-reviewed manuscript upon acceptance for publication in PubMed Central in accordance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

Data Sharing and Development of Training Materials: 

In order to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and information associated with the NNLM PSR Cooperative Agreement Award, all awardees are required to share any data or training material resulting from funding.

Publication and Copyrighting: 

Per Section 8.2.1. - Rights in Data (Publication and Copyrighting) of the NIH Grants Policy Statement, the NIH must be given a royalty-free, nonexclusive, and irrevocable license for the Federal government to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use any materials developed as a result of funding and to authorize others to do so for Federal purposes, i.e. the ongoing development of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Data developed by subawardees and consultants is also subject to this policy.

Need Assistance: 

Please feel free to contact us at (310) 825-1200 or via e-mail at