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Need Program Ideas for Pi Day?
Pi Day
Are you planning any Pi Day activities at your library or organization? The goal of the Pi Day celebration is to increase awareness and help everyone explore the unique characteristic of pi across our community.  Mar 3, 2019
NLM Launches “Medicine on Screen: Films and Essays from NLM”
Medicine on Screen logo
The National Library of Medicine has announced the launch of Medicine on Screen: Films and Essays from NLM, which replaces Medical Movies on the Web. Feb 22, 2019
NNLM Offers Classes on Genetics Information for Consumers
DNA image
Genetics is increasingly becoming a factor in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases as well as frequently seen in headline news. Consumers need access to resources about genetic information in an understandable manner. Feb 22, 2019
Celebrating Two Upcoming Data Weeks in February
Data and person thinking
The NNLM supports access to biomedical and health information with the goal of making data discoverable, accessible, and citable. We aim to support data sharing and open science, and foster the development of professionals in data science. If your organization plans to participate in data science activities, don't miss out two data weeks in February! Feb 11, 2019
NLM In Focus Article on NNLM Gearing Up for 2019
NNLM with gears turning
The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) thought 2018 was great. Well, 2019 is expected to be even better! Jan 24, 2019
NNLM partners with the Collaborative Summer Library Program
CSLP logo
The National Network of Libraries of Medicine has partnered with the Collaborative Summer Library Program to bring health programming to your library for Summer Reading! Jan 23, 2019
What's In for NNLM in 2019
As we begin another year of great work in NNLM, let’s start our looking ahead with the NLM In Focus take on “NLM’s 2 Jan 18, 2019
Making Healthy New Year Resolutions
2019 and exercise
Jan 3, 2019
NNLM Announces Registration for the Third Cohort of Bioinformatics Continuing Education Courses
Bioinformatics words and hand
The National Network of Libraries of Medicine is pleased to announce open registration for the third cohort of Dec 20, 2018
More Editors and More Edits - A Look at #citeNLM2018
Wikipedia edit-a-thon numbers
On November 7, 2018, NNLM successfully hosted its second Wikipedia edit-a-thon. Nov 30, 2018




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