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NNLM NACC Explores Treatment as Prevention (TasP) in HIV Care

Posted Jan 13, 2020
Category: NACC, National

HIV is no longer a fatal diagnosis; it is a treatable chronic disease that if managed correctly and consistently, can become “undetectable and untransmittable.” NNLM NACC explores this U=U concept, also known as the treatment as prevention (TasP) approach, in the care of HIV patients.

“People with HIV who get tested, receive care, and then remain in care, often become virally suppressed and live a long life,” the NACC states in a recent article titled HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U). “In addition, they cannot spread the disease to others. Today, people can take one or two pills a day to achieve viral suppression.”

Unfortunately, only 30 percent of people living with HIV are virally suppressed, and only 15 percent know their HIV infection status. Learn more from NACC about this issue, as well as federal efforts to reduce the number of new HIV infections by 75 percent within five years. 

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