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The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Regional provides membership services to qualified libraries and organizations located in the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Membership to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine is free!

Benefits of Network Membership

How to Apply for Network Membership

To apply, please submit a New Member Application.

Your information will be entered into the DOCLINE database to create a member’s Institution Record. Data stored in the Institution Record will be accessible only to Full Member libraries that participate in the DOCLINE system. There are portions of contact data, however, that are made available to the general public at the NER web site. If you have any questions about applying for network membership in the NN/LM-NER, please contact the New England Regional office.

Responsibilities of Network Membership

Each Full Member and Affiliate Member institution must agree to make the following contributions:

  • Designate an individual as NN/LM Liaison/local contact person. This person is responsible for keeping updated and informed on network-related information (such as staying connected to the NAHSL-L online discussion list);
  • Permit listing in the national registry of network members. National registry information is available online through the DOCLINE Institution Record and through the NN/LM Web site; and
  • Provide basic information on collections and services to NLM by keeping information stored in the DOCLINE Institution Record both updated and accurate.

Information on DOCLINE, SERHOLD, and Loansome DOC

NN/LM NER Travel Expense Voucher

Please use the to submit expenses to the New England RML. Please note that if you are completing a Travel Expense Voucher for the first time, you must also submit a completed W9 Form. An online version of the W9 form is located at:

Please submit all reimbursement requests and refer reimbursement questions to Cheryl Lavallee (508-856-5985;