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NER Funding Information

After you have received an award from NNLM NER you will be expected to complete some specific types of reporting about your project. You will need to know about reporting requirements, the DRS system, training evaluations, and final reports.

Activity Reports

You should enter an activity report into the DRS system for any of the following. If unsure whether something should be reported, please contact your NER project coordinator.
NNLM Subaward Activity Report Template

  • Awareness & Promotion
    • Demos
    • Exhibits/Health Fairs
    • Poster Sessions
    • Other Promotional Activities
  • Training, Career Development, & Education
    • Career Development
    • Classes / Courses/ Trainings / Workshops
    • Lectures
    • Panels
    • Presentations
    • Symposia
    • Webinars
  • Persistent User Engagement & Partnerships
    • Focus Groups
    • Technology
    • User Feedback / Needs Assessment

Activity Reports - NNLM Data Reporting System (DRS)

Before Beginning

Contact the NNLM NER Coordinator assigned to monitor your project with the NNLM Account (Username/E-mail Address) that will enter your project Activity and Final Reports. Accounts can be created for free.

Note: If there are multiple people who will enter reports for your project, please speak with the coordinator assigned to your project to discuss the best options.

Contact Jessica Kilham if you are unsure of who is assigned to your project. 

About Activity Reports

  • These activities are typically scheduled in advance and directed toward an audience outside of the awardee's institution
  • Activities may be in person, virtual, or a combination of both
  • Awardees should make an effort to collect demographic information for all participants

Activity Report Resources

DRS How To Videos

NNLM Subawardees can use the video tutorials and templates on this page to learn about the NNLM Data Reporting System (DRS), including how to locate their Project, add reports, and upload participant data to their subaward activities.​

Training Evaluations

  • For in-person training, an optional form may be printed out for attendees to complete. Fill out the sections in red before printing.
  • For online, please follow the NNLM Evaluation Office instructions.

Final Reports - NNLM Data Reporting System (DRS)

All Final Project Reports are to be submitted by May 30 at the end of the project period. 

  • Final Project Reports are submitted similarly to Activity Reports in the Data Reporting System (DRS). However, instead of "Add Activity to Project," select "Add Project Final Report."
  • Before entering the report into nnlm.gov, you can complete the PDF or Word version in advance and copy/paste it into the DRS.
  • Please note that parts of these reports may be made public, and should be edited carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You can enter your Final Report at any time:
    • Select "Save Draft" in NNLM.gov if you begin entering content in the Reporting System but want to finish submitting your report.
    • Select "Send to RML for Review" if you are finished entering your report. 
    • A NNLM staff coordinator will contact you with any questions. 
  • Reports may be submitted any time after the project has begun. We recommend starting early and writing the report as the project progresses.
  • Please contact your project coordinator or Jessica Kilham with any questions.