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Interlibrary loan and document delivery in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine is accomplished through DOCLINE, the National Library of Medicine's automated interlibrary loan (ILL) request routing and referral system.

DOCLINE links journal (a.k.a. serial) holdings to efficiently route requests to potential lending libraries on behalf of the borrower. There are currently over 3,200 libraries from the U.S., Canada and Mexico participating in DOCLINE.

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One-on-one or group DOCLINE training can be arranged. Sessions may be conducted onsite or as part of a distance learning session using Adobe Connect software.

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Electronic Funds Transfer System

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) has been operational in the New England region since 1996. It is a transaction-based electronic billing system for interlibrary-loan and document delivery.


Loansome Doc©

Loansome Doc enables PubMed© users to forward their requests for journal articles to "Ordering Libraries", which field their requests through their own document delievery services.

NCBI LinkOut and Outside Tool

LinkOut for Libraries is a service that provides access for PubMed users to their library's journal collections, both electronic and print. When a user finds a citation in PubMed, they can click on the library's icon to view either the full text for the article or receive a listing of the library's print holdings.