Knowledge Management

NER is implementing a plan to stimulate innovations in biomedical knowledge management and information services at the hospital level. Based on prior work in developing a Template for a Healthcare Knowledge Services Center, NER is making funding and consultation available for members to develop enhanced information services based on knowledge management principles. A cohort of pilot sites will develop and implement pilot projects. A Knowledge Management Field Guide is in development as a resource guide for Members.

This program grew organically from the committee's desire to fulfill the following information gaps:

  1. ways hospital administators view the role of the library in their perspective hospital

  2. establish a need for a healthcare knowledge management model

Answering these questions enables us to define newer roles for the library that will expand the role of traditional medical librarian.

Pilot Projects

NER will fund a Knowledge Management in Health Information Services Award to provide opportunities for member libraries to plan and implement a pilot service directed at the institution's internal user base. Members may apply for this funding to pilot the roles identified in the Healthcare Knowledge Management model developed by the current RAC Hospital Library Subcommittee. The project should be based on concepts derived from a program such as the planned Knowledge Management or Informatics programs proposed for Year One. The project or service can also be based on a service model or concept developed outside of the region or can incorporate concepts developed outside of health sciences libraries.

For more information, please contact Meredith Solomon.