The eScience theme is concerned with the expansion of library services to include the management, curation, and dissemination of locally produced data sets resulting from large and small scale research. eScience describes the collaboration among computationally intensive science disciplines that create data sets that are captured, transported, stored, organized, accessed, mined, visualized, and interpreted in order to extract knowledge.

The eScience program consists of various modes of learning about eScience principles, working concepts, and skills. The eScience initiative will help stimulate librarians and information professionals involved in the application of eScience practices. Activities such as the yearly Symposium and Boot Camp offer opportunities for in-person formal learning modes. An eScience Portal for New England Librarians has been developed to foster learning and collaboration in eScience

NER sees the current expression of this Community of Interest as those boards already existing to support the development of the eScience portal. The COI would eventually explore those other forms of non-traditional information that are not literature-based scholarly communication. eScience initiatives related to the development of the eScience Portal is the primary focal point for continuing the exploration of the library's role in eScience. The e-Science role for librarians is characterized by interdisciplinary research collaboration and the collection, organization, and management of data. Responses to an eScience needs assessment conducted in August 2009 show that 2/3 of respondents work in libraries that do not provide e-Science related services. However, almost one half of the respondents to the assessment can identify opportunities within their institutions for their libraries to participate in e-Science information services. Respondents to the portal needs assessment expressed a strong interest in e-Science but identified a need for continuing education in science, digital curation, and library roles. None of the New England library schools offer e-Science courses.