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Research & Data Management

Research & Data Management Portal for Researchers Committee


The Research & Data Management Portal for Researchers Committee will work in collaboration to create and implement a central web portal for New England (and outside) focused on researchers' needs. Members will identify the region’s need for such a portal, communicating with experts, and identifying relevant resources for a web hub.

Committee Members:


Sarah Oelker headshot  Sarah Oelker, Committee Chair
  Science Librarian
  Mount Holyoke College

Thea Atwood headshot  Thea Atwood
  Science and Engineering Librarian
  University of Massachusetts Amherst

Andrew Creamer headshot  Andrew Creamer
  Scientific Data Management Specialist
  Brown University

Margaret Henderson headshot  Margaret Henderson
  Director, Research Data Management
  Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

Kristin Lee headshot  Kristin Lee
  Research Data Librarian
  Tufts University

Lora Leligdon headshot  Lora Leligdon
  Physical Sciences Librarian
  Dartmouth College