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eScience Resources & Programs

Data Science Supportng Biomedical Research


The New England Region eScience Program provides resources and professional development opportunities for escience and data science librarians who are supporting biomedical research. Resources such as the eScience Portal for Librarains provides web based tools and information to help information professionals effectively participate in networked science by collocating resources on education, outreach, and collaboration, as well as current practices and eScience news. Professional Development opportunities such as the eScience Symposium, RDM Roundtables and Science Boot Camp provide opportunities for in-person formal learning modes and networking.

The current initiatives of the NNLM New England Region eScience Program include:

  • Provide a regional infrastructure supporting data literacy, data management, and data curation
  • Provide web-based resources and curricular opportunities for librarians to retool their skills in data literacy, data management, data curation, and data preservation activities
  • Provide web-based resources and educational opportunities for researchers to learn data management best practices
  • Increase awareness amongst New England area librarians and researchers about eScience and how librarians support biomedical research
  • Collaboratively work with Network Members to support access to print and electronic biomedical and health information throughout the region
  • Provide and administer a funding program to support the access to biomedical and health information and data management programs described in this core​

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