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Research & Data Management Resources & Programs

ACRL Research Data Management Roadshow
Building Your Research Data Management Toolkit: Integrating RDM into Your Liaison Work

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Research data management has emerged as a need among academic researchers and liaisons are building skills in response. This one-day workshop will assist liaisons to identify their existing skills and mindsets that transfer to research data management services and then create a learning plan for the RDM specific knowledge needed to serve their subject disciplines. Tools, hints, and tricks will be shared that facilitate partnerships on campus with disciplinary faculty and with other RDM service providers.

Materials from this workshop can be found here: 

Data Tools Forum

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This half day forum featured a brief introduction on the integration of data science tools in the research landscape and overview presentations of three open-source tools commonly used in working with data extraction, wrangling, analysis, and presentation: OpenRefine, RStudio, and Jupyter. Speakers included Chris Erdmann, Tom Morris, Daina Bouquin, Zachary Painter, and Matt Burton.

Videos of these presentations can be viewed on YouTube.


Teaching Research Data Management with NECDMC

Teaching NECDMC event presentation

A full day workshop demonstrating how the New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum can be used to teach faculty and students best practices for research data management. This workshop was targeted for science, health sciences and engineering librarians interested in teaching research data management to their users. This "train the trainer" class introduced the New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum and demonstrated how librarians can use its components to teach research data management to students and researchers.



Embedded with the Scientists: Librarians' Roles in the Research Process

Embedded Librarians diagram

This one day workshop explored new roles librarians are forging in biomedical research projects. The day's agenda featured keynote speaker Chris Shaffer, University Librarian and Associate Professor at Oregon Health and Science University Library, and a panel of librarian informationists from biomedical research institutions who were engaged in NIH-funded research projects.


Metadata Day

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This full day workshop will featured metadata expert Diane Hillmann, who presented an overview of metadata, its purpose in supporting data discovery, and metadata schema. The afternoon featured four "Metadata in Action" breakout sessions during which local metadata librarians from featured four afternoon breakout sessions where librarians from Tufts, Harvard, and MBLWHOI presented projects and answered questions.


Scientific Data Management

Scientific Data Management event logo

This day-long workshop provided an overview of eScience and its implications for research, background on the life cycle of data, and how librarians can insert themselves into the process of managing, preserving and making research data findable and accessible. The day consisted of lecture and hands-on, practical application through case studies and discussion. Featured speaker: Jian Qin, Syracuse University. 


Stem Cell Workshop

Libraries and Stem Cell Research presentation

This Stem Cell Workshop held at the University of Massachusetts Medical School introduced the area of Stem Cell Research to New England science librarians. Participants heard from many speakers from the Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine about Stem Cell Biology, Stem Cell Registries and the International Stem Cell Registry, Intellectual Properties and Patent Issues with Stem Cell Research, and Bioethical Considerations with Stem Cell Research. To put Stem Cell research in perspective for librarians, Howard Silver, MIT Science Library, talked about the evolving roles and opportunities for librarians.