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Research Data Management Roundtable Discussions


The Research Data Management Roundtables are a series of events targeting librarians who are actively engaged in research data management to create a Community of Practice (COP). At the roundtable librarians will discuss with their colleagues their own experiences and learn from each other. Each roundtable will have a pre-set topic(s) for discussion. The focus is on practical details and learning from each other's experiences.

Roundtable events are planned also which will span a wider array of librarian engagement, including offerings for those just beginning to work in research data management services to create a Community of Interest (COI) where attendees can begin to acquire both skills and network with colleagues on the same learning pathway.

The Research Data Management Roundtables are sponsored by the Advisory Board of the NER Research & Data Management Program.

Meet the Planning Team:


Image of Thea Atwood  Thea Atwood
  University of Massachusetts Amherst