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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Peer Health Educator Training Project

The JCOH in collaboration with the NN/LM-NER will train Peer Health Educators and their adult facilitators in web navigation specific to health info and assist youth to develop strategies for using

Public Health Information Access through the New England Region

This project has 2 funding sources - NNO and NICHSR The purpose of the NER portion of the project is to provide public health departments with assess to selected licensed e-resources and gain insig

Public Health Information Access through the New England Region(Ubiquitous)

The purpose of the project is to better understand the usefulness of providing public health departments with access to selected licensed e-resources and gain insight into what evidence-based infor

RI Welcome Back Center Community Health Information Literacy Outreach Project

The RI Welcome Back Center will train professionals within their organization on NLM online resources.

Supporting eScience Learning and Practice through the New England Region

The eScience program will act as a Community of Interest and will collect, maintain and make available locally produced data resulting from clinical and science-based research.

Title Description Amount
15-40 Connection/Awareness and Early Detection Education Program

The 15-40 Connection will further develop the Awareness and Early Detection Program it used as a model at Saint John?s High School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts in October 2010 and bringing it to hi

2012 MassAhec HOSA State Leadership Conference

Sponsorship of the Mass Ahec HOSA state Leadership conference in March 2012. This is a youth-to- health careers outreach program.

Brigham & Women's Hospital Course Development

Provide training to clinical staff in the use of Levels of Evidence & Grades of Evidence Classifications and in the use of the World Health Organization's International Classification of F

Community Health Centers of Burlington Internet Access Project

The project will improve access to understandable health and dental health resources for patients in the service area.

Continuing Education Program for Medical Interpreters

The goal of the Continuing Education Program is to enhance the skills of medical interpreters by familiarizing them with key resources with an emphasis on NLM sites.

Development of a poster and Exhibiting for the RVHCC Health Information Project

Sponsorship to develop a poster on the RVHCC Health Information Literacy Project and exhibiting at IHA Health Literacy, MLA and NAHSL

Development of an e-Science Portal to Support Learning and Collaboration

Creation of an e-Science web portal: an electronic resource where librarians can be educated on e-Science topics and discuss emerging roles.

Dorcus Place Adult and Family Learning Center/RI Welcome Back Center Focused Outreach Project

The Dorcas Center/Welcome Back Center will participate in the Focused Outreach Project by providing trainings, distributing materials and collecting evaluations.

Electronic Document Delivery Project for South County Hospital

Improving the current electronic document delivery system by purchaseing a digital sender.

EMMC Document Delivery Project

Provide document delivery via Loansome Doc or other means to community hospitals as referred by the NER Community Hospital Consultant or others.

Enhancing Hands-On Arch Training At Chelsea Senior Center

The project will provide hands-on training on how to use the ARCH web site and have a significant impact on Chelsea seniors? access to high quality health information and resources.

Expanded Public Health Information Access: NICHSR Proposal for Additional States

The Expanded Public Health Information Access Project would extend the geographic scope and duration of the initial Digital Library effort.

FCHN Focused Outreach Project

Healthy Community Coalition of Franklin Community Health Network will participate in the Focused Outreach Project by providing trainings, distributing materials and collecting evaluations

Gale Medical Library Internet Connectivity Project

The project will offer enhanced access to web-based consumer heath resources for its Patient and Family Resource Center.

Health Literacy: Your Knowledge, Your Health

The project will develop curricula and course materials to teach community health workers (CHWs) to share tools and means to improve health literacy with consumers.