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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Silverman Symposium Posters

The project will organize the Silverman Posters PDFs into one repository that is openly accessible and searchable.

Sponsorshi Award

Sponsor exhibit space at the Connecticut Library Assoc Conference

Supporting eScience Learning and Practice through the New England Region

The eScience program will act as a Community of Interest and will collect, maintain and make available locally produced data resulting from clinical and science-based research.

Technology Improvemnet Award

The goal of the project is to purchase five iPads to be used to improve patient education at the bedside at Maine Medical Center.

Tribal Health: Decolonizing our Foodways

This project will fund a program on food sovereignty, native foods and healthier food and nutrition.

Vermont Focused Health Information Outreach

The funds will be used to create lesson plans and conduct training in the use of NLM resources.

Vermont Health Resources Portal

This award will allow a redesign of the Vermont State Libraries website health section and train librarians in its use.

Vermont School Nurse Health Information Access

The project will provide articles and research services to non-affiliated school nurses in Vermont.

You & Your Health Using iPad Device

The goal of this project is to allow regular, daily, online demonstrations of online reference materials to increase awareness of reliable websites that provide authoritative information on general

You & Your Health: Finding Reliable Internet Sources of information for Health, Drug and Healthy Diet

the goal of this project is to increase awareness of reliable websites that provide authoritative information on general and chronic health issues.

Title Description Amount
2013 MA AHEC Leadership Conference


Community Engagement Project

Through the proposed project, Healthy Acadia will work in Hancock County to increase awareness and use of National Library of Medicine health information resources by engaging both the general publ

Digitization of University of Vermont College of Medicine Yearbooks and Catalogs

The goal of the project is to digitize and make available UVM catalogs and yearbooks.

Digitizing 3D Project

The purchase of camera equipment will allow Library Services to create digital versions of artifacts of the NEOHC, WCHC and MWWC so that they are accessible through the digital repository for every

EMS Education Outreach Project

Present and train WISER including CHEMM and REMM to participants in the EMT Education Program

Expanded Public Health Information Access: NICHSR Proposal for Additional States

The Expanded Public Health Information Access Project would extend the geographic scope and duration of the initial Digital Library effort.

Express Library Digitization Award

Digitize the complete collection of 27 books using the services of Boston Photo Imaging to make it accessible to researchers and students.

Express Library Digitization Grant

This award will allow digitization for the Tobacco Advertising Collection to assist in online research.

Fitchburg HOSA Partnership

HOSA will provide support of NN/LMs efforts to increase awareness and use of the NLM health information resources among the HOSA members and youth in Northern Worcester County

Focused Outreach Holyoke Continuation

Provide health information outreach to community based organizations and health services agencies in the Holyoke and Springfield, MA areas.