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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
NICU Family Resource Center Kindle Project

This funding will be solely utilized for the purchase of 6 tablet devices preloaded with NICU recommended/valued informational sites devoted to teh premature newborn and their families.

Partners in Health - Dementia and Alzheimer's Information Project

Our Partners in Health will present a number of informational workshops to educate the community about dementia and Alzheimer's disease and the resources available.

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce Website (2011-2016)

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Lamar Soutter Library, proposes to continue the enhancement of the Partners in Information Access

Plain Language Writing Workshop at Tufts

The goal of the Plain Language Writing Workshop is to increase consumer access to health information and services by training health information specialists, educators, librarians and others to use

Promoting NLM Health Care Resources in Rural Vermont

The goals for this award are to increase consumer and clinician awareness of NLM and other government websites by exhibiting at two annual cancer conferences held in northern Vermont.

Public Health Information Access through the New England Region

This project has 2 funding sources - NNO and NICHSR The purpose of the NER portion of the project is to provide public health departments with assess to selected licensed e-resources and gain insig

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry Workshops at the University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut will conduct hands-on workshop for software and data carpentry.

Stay Well Health Literacy Program

This project will develop a health literacy program for new immigrant students and partner with local nursing students to implement the program.

Student Leadership Project

The funding will help sponsor a a full day state leadership conference for 260 youth interested in health careers.

Supporting eScience Learning and Practice through the New England Region

The eScience program will act as a Community of Interest and will collect, maintain and make available locally produced data resulting from clinical and science-based research.

Symposium on Change Management for Health Science Libraries

This symposium will outline the elements of change management and provide a framework to apply these concepts to our unique library circumstances.

Technology Improvement Award for Latin American Health Alliance

The funds will be used towards the purchase of eight desktop computers for the Hector Reyez House to be used to access MedlinePlus and other informational services through the Substance Abuse and M

The Survive and Thrive Retreat for Women Veterans and Millitary

Happy Wednesday will provide educational programs for women veterans and military dealing with the challenges of suicide, divorce and PTSD.

Title Description Amount
Addressing Unasked Clinical Questions

this project will pilot, refine and distribute a survey on the subject and the resulting data will be used to construct a knowledge management intervention.


Initiative to provide regional on-site training on the awareness and use of National Library of Medicine (NLM) health information resources to targeted providers (both affiliated and not affiliated

CoughSpot Community Education

The primary goal of the program is to develop children?s awareness of the need to cover one?s cough and sneeze.

CoughSpot Community Education Continuation Project

The primary goal of the program is to develop children?s awareness of the need to cover one?s cough and sneeze. This expands the project SYS_TR_10139

CoughSpot Community Education Project

Award Part 1 -$2298 - the primary goal of the program is to develop children?s awareness of the need to cover one?s cough and sneeze. Award Part 2 - $6150 - continuation of the original project

Digitization of Medical Instruments

The project will result in a curated online collection of images of medical instruments.

Expanded Public Health Information Access: NICHSR Proposal for Additional States

The Expanded Public Health Information Access Project would extend the geographic scope and duration of the initial Digital Library effort.