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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Information Technology Skills for Social Workers

The Boston College School of Social Work will develop and provide a two-day workshop for practicing social workers titled: Information Technology Skills for Social Workers.

Inland Hospital Internet Connectivity Award to Purchase a Computer for Searching and ILL

This is an Internet Connectivity Award to Inland Hospital Library in Maine to purchase a computer for Internet searching, PubMed searching, and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) activities.

Jackson Laboratory: Electronic Document Delivery Award to Purchase Computer Hardware

This is an Electronic Document Delivery Award to The Jackson Laboratory to purchase computer hardware as part of the Maine EDD Ariel project.

Mercy Hospital (Portland, ME): Electronic Document Delivery Awards for Ariel Implementation

This is an Electronic Document Delivery award to Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine for their Ariel implementation. The awards were for an Ariel software upgrade and a surge protector.

New England Baptist Hospital: Sister Library Award to Consult with New York Hospital

Sister Library Award to New England Baptist Hospital to consult with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

Outreach to Health Workers in the Asian Community

The Library will work with the 60 health care providers at South Cove a clinic specializing in providing medical services to Asian groups who are not being served elsewhere.

Outreach to Parents Interested in Finding Quality Health Information on the Internet for their Child

A program to provide classes to parents who are interested in finding quality health information on the Internet for their children.

Penobscot Bay Medical Center: Electronic Document Delivery Awards

This is an Electronic Document Delivery Award for Penobscot Bay Medical Center. This is part of the Maine Electronic Document Delivery project.

University of Connecticut: Technology Awareness - Consumer Health Networking and Technology

Technology Awareness Award to the University of Connecticut for a Consumer Health Conference that would foster a collaboration between public health departments, public libraries, major health orga