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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Women's Words

The project will sponsor a three-day event titled ?Women Words? to benefit Daybreak, a program of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts supporting women and prevention of domestic violence.

Youth Health Careers Connection Curriculum Project

YHCC will enhance the current curriculum by developing two modules: Health Careers Exploration and Emerging Trends in Biomedicine, Health care and Public Health.

Title Description Amount
ARCH Proposal - Providing Hands-on ARCH Training to Senior Citizens

To provide a five week training session for senior citizens at the Revere Elderly Affairs.

Arch Proposal for Upgrading the computer System at Revere Elderly Affairs

Replacement of five outdated computers in the computer center at the Revere Elderly Affairs in order to conduct training sessions.

Assessing and Meeting the Clinical Infor Needs of Rural and Unaffiliated VT Health Care Providers

The overall goal of the project is to increase the knowledge and use of evidence-based health information by Vermont health care providers to support their needs for clinical care and continuing ed

Community Day for Emergency Preparedness at the Curtis Memorial Library

This collaboration of the library and CHIP with local and regional emergency management and healthcare/public health agencies aims to reach a broad audience and to disseminate emergency preparednes

Development of an e-Science Portal to Support Learning and Collaboration

Creation of an e-Science web portal: an electronic resource where librarians can be educated on e-Science topics and discuss emerging roles.

Diabetes Health Education-Cape Cod Outreach Project

A series of classes will be presented to patients & their families. In addition, the Hospital's librarian will train 12 clinical staff on the use of NLM resources.

Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS)Umassmed, Lamar Soutter Library and UConn Health Center

Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) University of Connecticut Health Care Center, Farmington CT, is a bill payment system created at UCONN Health Center.

Health Information Outreach to Senior Centers

This project will provide outreach to 4-6 Senior Centers in RI partnering with their affiliated public libraries & the Lifespan Health Sciences Library at RI Hospital & the RI Office of Lib

Healthflicks: Building health literacy among urban teenage population

Healthflicks is a project to build health literacy among teenage urban audiences that receive the majority of their entertainment though online video repositories such as YouTube or Google videos.

Holyoke Consumer Health Library, Inc. Express Outreach Award

Holyoke Consumer Health Library, Inc.

Internet Connectivity Grant

Purchase of 2 PC's and a printer for the new Cancer Research Center to give patients, families and the public access to quality sources of consumer-level cancer information.

Measuring the Impact of Library Instruction and Web Support on Clerkship Students' Information Skill

This study will measure the impact of a one hour class & supporting web page presented to surgery clerkship students at the beginning of their rotation.

Mobilizing Answers to Clinical Questions @ Tufts

The project will purchase 11 iTough devices needed to expand the curriculum development of the course.

New England Region (2006-2011 Contract Period)

RML Contract

NLM: CHWs' Password to the health information on the web

The project aims to research, develop, implement and evaluate a series of three 15-hour statewide trainings at the LSL pertaining to web access, navigation and sharing health info based on research

NN/LM NER Express Outreach Award Proposal - Outreach to Health Services and Public Health Agencies

The service will be provided by document delivery staff at the Lamar Soutter Library.

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, UMASS Med School

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School, Lamar Soutter Library, proposes to continue the enhancement of the Partners in Information Access

Promotores for Health Information

Developing a Model Latino Health Information Outreach Program in Lawrence, MA will assist providers of educational and community-based health services of the medically underserved city of Lawrence,