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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Health Promotion Club Support

To support 3 members of the Health Promotion Club to attend conference

Healthy Oxford Hills Focused Outreach Project

Healthy Oxford Hills located in western Maine will participate in the Focused Outreach Project by providing trainings, distributing materials, and collecting evaluations.

Identification of Learning Outcomes for Data Management and User Requirements for Data Repositories

Developing a curriculum outline, curriculum frameworks and competencies for instructing students on how to incorporate data management into the research process, Developing a plan for a prototype d

iPads for Residents Project

The project will provide funding for the hospital?s proposed iPads for Residents Project

NAHSL: Going Google: Friend or Foe?

Sponsorship for continuing education classes

Outreach Project for the Greater Gardner Area with our Faith Communities

Our goal is to provide community outreach education to faith-based communities within the Greater Gardner area on how to access reliable consumer health information.

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, UMASS Med School

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School, Lamar Soutter Library, proposes to continue the enhancement of the Partners in Information Access

Professional Development Event: DrupalCon2011

Sponsorship for Myrna Morales to attend the DrupalCon2011

Providing Ubiquitous Access to Public Health Department Outreach Project

The goal of this project is to improve understanding of what trusted evidence-bases resources are needed within Public Health Departments.

RVHCC Focused Outreach Project

RVHCC will participate in the Focused Outreach Project by providing trainings distributing materials and collecting evaluations.

Smart Living Health Promotion Project

The project targets middle school girls and will focus on the benefits of good nutrition and excise as well as safely navigating the internet and how to identify reputable sources of information.

Spiral Outreach Express Subscontract Proposal

Continued indexing and translating for the enhancement of the Tufts SPIRAL web site.

Spring Harbor Hospital Resource Center & Library Services

This project will provide information to Spring Harbor Hospital staff and patients by funding the establishment of a staff health science information resource room, the creation of an online health

Supporting Clinical Care: An Institute in Evidence-Based Practice for Medical Librarians

An intensive, introductory, 3-day course for medical librarians on evidence-based practice.

Supporting Clinical Care: An Institute in Evidence-Based Practice for Medical Librarians 2011

An Intensive, introductory, 3-day course designed by medical librarians for medical librarians who want to learn evidence-based concepts in order to support it at their institutions.

Technology Awareness: Integrating Audience Response Technology

The project will allow Baystate Health to integrate audience reponse into library user education at the Baystate Health Sciences Library.

Technology Improvement for Awareness Program

The funding will provide a laptop, projector and microphone to support the 15-40 Awareness and Early Detection Program

Tenacity Outreach Community Engagement Project

Tenacity will promote and broaden access to accurate health and wellness information by promoting awareness and use of Medline Plus through its three programs: After-School Excellence Program, Alum

The Knowledge Management Introductory Program

The funding for this project will advance NER?s initiative to advance Knowledge Management concepts throughout member libraries through creation of a one-day education program and a development of

Wachusett High School HOSA Partnership

HOSA will provide support of NNLM's efforts to increase awareness and use of the NLM health information resources among the HOSA members and youth of Northern Worcester County.