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Recently Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Measuring the Impact of Library Instruction and Web Support on Clerkship Students' Information Skill

This study will measure the impact of a one hour class & supporting web page presented to surgery clerkship students at the beginning of their rotation.

NLM: CHWs' Password to the health information on the web

The project aims to research, develop, implement and evaluate a series of three 15-hour statewide trainings at the LSL pertaining to web access, navigation and sharing health info based on research

Northern New Hampshire Dental Health and Education Project

The project will improve access to understandable dental health resources and services for health professionals and consumers in the service area.

Outreach Project for the Greater Gardner Area with our Faith Communities

Our goal is to provide community outreach education to faith-based communities within the Greater Gardner area on how to access reliable consumer health information.

Outreach to Rural Health Care Providers

The Ben Franklin Center Library at Franklin Memorial Hospital will reach out to isolated and remote health care providers serving rural populations.

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce Website (2011-2016)

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Lamar Soutter Library, proposes to continue the enhancement of the Partners in Information Access

Public Health Information Access through the New England Region

This project has 2 funding sources - NNO and NICHSR The purpose of the NER portion of the project is to provide public health departments with assess to selected licensed e-resources and gain insig

Public Health Information Access through the New England Region(Ubiquitous)

The purpose of the project is to better understand the usefulness of providing public health departments with access to selected licensed e-resources and gain insight into what evidence-based infor

Rebranding Ourselves for the 21st Century- MAHSLIN 2009

Sponsorship for the MAHSLIN Annual Meeting

RVHCC Focused Outreach Project

RVHCC will participate in the Focused Outreach Project by providing trainings distributing materials and collecting evaluations.

Smart Living Health Promotion Project

The project targets middle school girls and will focus on the benefits of good nutrition and excise as well as safely navigating the internet and how to identify reputable sources of information.

Springfield Technical Community College

Springfield Tech will facilitate train the trainer meetings between HOSA students and the NN/LM NER.

Supporting Clinical Care:An Institute in Evidence Based Care for Medical Librarians

Express Outreach Sponsorship Award for a 2.5 day intro course designed by Medical Librarians for Medical Librarians on evidence based concepts.

Supporting eScience Learning and Practice through the New England Region

The eScience program will act as a Community of Interest and will collect, maintain and make available locally produced data resulting from clinical and science-based research.

Technology Improvement for Awareness Program

The funding will provide a laptop, projector and microphone to support the 15-40 Awareness and Early Detection Program

Tenacity Outreach Community Engagement Project

Tenacity will promote and broaden access to accurate health and wellness information by promoting awareness and use of Medline Plus through its three programs: After-School Excellence Program, Alum

The Knowledge Management Introductory Program

The funding for this project will advance NER?s initiative to advance Knowledge Management concepts throughout member libraries through creation of a one-day education program and a development of

Upgrading the Computers at Chelsea Senior Center

The project will support hands on training of seniors and will have a significant impact on Chelsea senior citizens?

Washington County: One Community

Washington County: One Community will provide trainings to public health, primary care and health services agencies on NLM resources - PubMed, MedlinePlus and NIH SeniorHealth.

Women's Words

The project will sponsor a three-day event titled ?Women Words? to benefit Daybreak, a program of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts supporting women and prevention of domestic violence.