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Recently Funded Projects

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Access to Resources for Community Health (ARCH)

A community-based electronic information outreach project to increase awareness of quality health information and resources in the underserved, urban communities of Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett, a

Outreach to Health Workers in the Asian Community

The Library will work with the 60 health care providers at South Cove a clinic specializing in providing medical services to Asian groups who are not being served elsewhere.

Outreach to Parents Interested in Finding Quality Health Information on the Internet for their Child

A program to provide classes to parents who are interested in finding quality health information on the Internet for their children.

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Healthflicks: Building health literacy among urban teenage population

Healthflicks is a project to build health literacy among teenage urban audiences that receive the majority of their entertainment though online video repositories such as YouTube or Google videos.

Diabetes Health Education-Cape Cod Outreach Project

A series of classes will be presented to patients & their families. In addition, the Hospital's librarian will train 12 clinical staff on the use of NLM resources.

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Vermont Cooperative Consumer Health Project

Participating institutions and organizations will undertake a coordinated approach to providing consumer health information, including the provision of selected educational and instructional offeri

Saint Luke's Hospital Library Health Information Outreach to the Greater New Bedford Community (MA)

The purpose of this outreach project is to provide health information services and training to public libraries and local healthcare agencies.

Greater Springfield HIV/AIDS Outreach Project

The Project will provide electronic access to HIV/AIDS information to public health professionals from community-based organizations and clinics in the greater Springfield metropolitan area whose c

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Rhode Island Multitype Library Outreach for Health Information

Subcontract with Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University Sciences Library to provide consumer health information to the public.

Hartford Hospital: Building Bridges Between Conventional and Complementary Medicine

Subcontract with the Hartford Hospital (Health Science Libraries and Department of Integrative Medicine) to create a Web-based How to manual on developing and Integrative Medicine Program in Health

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Connecticut Go Local Implementation

The Lyman Maynard Stowe Library of the University of Connecticut Helath Center is proposing to develop a statewide Ct.

River Valley Health Information Literacy Outreach Project

The goal of the project is to increase awareness of reliable online health information & improve the health literacy of youth & young adults in rural Northern Oxford County, Maine.

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Vermont Go Local

The Dana Medical Library (DML) at the University of Vermont (Burlington, VT), in partnership with Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC), and the United Ways of Vermont/Vermont 2-1-1 will participate in

Grandparents and Relatives as Surrogate Parents-GRASP (Rutland, VT)

Grandparents and Relatives as Surrogate Parents (G.R.A.S.P.) proposes to link members of this emerging population to existing services within our organizations and across the community, to address

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Improving the Health Information Literacy Skills of Older Adults and Caregivers

The project has three goals: to empower older adults who seek reliable online sources of health information, increase future health professionals awareness and use of NLM online resources and devel

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Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, UMASS Med School

Partners in Information for the Public Health Website, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School, Lamar Soutter Library, proposes to continue the enhancement of the Partners in Information Access

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Diabetes Health Education-Cape Cod Outreach Project

A series of classes will be presented to patients & their families. In addition, the Hospital's librarian will train 12 clinical staff on the use of NLM resources.

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Customer Relations Database

Currently we cannot track if a client who accesses the SSP has also been tested or has received Narcan.

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Administrative Management Software and Community Needs Assessment To Identify Needed Resources for Families Affected by Addiction in Southeastern Massachusetts

1 Organize existing donor, volunteer, and constituent data so that it may be used to support the effectiveness of the program and allow for increased funding to serve clients now and in the future.

Bridging Health Information Gaps at the Public Library

Access to reliable health information for vulnerable populations: Vulnerable populations often reflect diversity from a number of perspectives.