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Recently Funded Projects

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Improving Health Information Literacy in Middle School Children

The proposed project is a health information outreach program for middle school children. The overall goals of the project are 1. to improve the health information literacy knowledge and skills 2.

Community Engagement Project

Through the proposed project, Healthy Acadia will work in Hancock County to increase awareness and use of National Library of Medicine health information resources by engaging both the general publ

Knowledge Management Project Stage Two

The second phase of the Knowledge Management project will expand the content area, and gather current practices and processes from our Research Institute.

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Northern New Hampshire Dental Health and Education Project

The project will improve access to understandable dental health resources and services for health professionals and consumers in the service area.

Helping Older Adults Search for Reliable Sources of Information on the Internet

The project will support the National Network of Libraries of Medicine?s mission to broaden access to health information and improve health literacy by increasing older adult?s awareness of reliabl

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Literacy Project Collaborative

The project will educate low-income residents of Franklin County on digital health literacy.

Nashua Patient Self-Advocacy

The goal of the project is to create health information videos and distribute them to 10 sites for viewing in the Nashua metropolitan area.

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Using tablet computers to enhance patient education, patient communication, and health awareness

Managing a primary care panel is an ever-changing experience. Physicians, medical support staff, administrative staff and patients need to be engaged in the circle of care.

Rethinking Early Neurosurgery: The Harvey Cushing collection

The Cushing Center, which opened in 2010, brought renewed attention to the materials within Harvey Cushing's collections, which include, beyond the Registry, over 200 boxes of archival materia

Using tablet computers to teach newly-diagnosed diabetes patients about medication administration and diabetes self-care.

Managing diabetes is a full-time job for patients.

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Rethinking Early Neurosurgery: The Harvey Cushing Collection

The work of Harvey Cushing, one of the founding fathers of modern neurosurgery, continues to draw attention from researchers world-wide, with articles and other works produced annually on the many

Stop Lyme

The need to raise awareness about tick-borne disease continues to be essential to eradicating it, especially in Massachusetts, where case counts are still among the highest in the nation.

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CoughSpot Video Project

The primary goal of the program is to develop children's awareness of the need to cover one's cough and sneeze and prepare an educational video for use by schools and clinics.

Hospital for Special Care Information Access Project

Health care workers will be trained to provide point-of-care health information using tablet computers.

A Lead Poisoning Curriculum - Improving Health Literacy

This project will increase the health information literacy knowledge and skills of 6th grade students.

Concord VNA Beyond the Book Series

This project will improve access to aging information and resources to communities served by the Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association by designing three education based programs and collabor

Girls Inc Eureka Enhancement Project

This project will complement and enhance the Eureka curriculum that involves at-risk girls.

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Waterbury Hospital, Express Outreach Award, Health Information Outreach

Waterbury Hospital, Express Outreach Award, Health Information Outreach.

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Interactive Technology in the Classroom K ? 4

This technology funding proposal is to obtain state of the art technology in the science and health/wellness classrooms grades K-4 at St. Joseph School.

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Lamar Soutter Library Program Development

The library will use this award to conduct a regional symposium that will serve as an educational and collaborative opportunity for science librarians to discuss e-science resources, in addition to