Funding Opportunities

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine funds projects to advance the National Library of Medicine's mission to improve access to health information. Below is a list of funding categories for 2016-2017.
The funding information webinar recording is available at the following link:

Deadline Extension:
The NN/LM New England Region is able to accept a second round of applications for the following awards.

Program work needs to be completed by April 30, 2017
Submissions accepted until November 10, 2016


Individual Forms

Direct Beneficiaries Populations Targeted Forms.pdf

Exhibit Form.pdf

Goal Identification Form.pdf

Statement of Intent To Establish A Consortium Agreement.pdf


May 2016 - April 2017 Funding Opportunities*

Funding Category Purpose Maximum Funding per Award

Focused Outreach


Increase access to NLM resources in focused outreach areas via short-term outreach projects.

Current Locations:

  • Providence/Pawtucket, RI
  • Southeastern and Cape Cod, MA


Support short-term outreach projects that involve advancing health information resources in collaboration with local community groups. $10,000


Provide members with the opportunity to promote health information resources at state and local venues. $2,000

Community Preparedness


Assist Network Members in becoming active participants in their communities’ emergency preparedness, response, and recovery planning. $7,500


Enhance technology access to and delivery of health information for Network Members, health professionals, and consumers. $14,000

Knowledge/Data Management


Support projects that stimulate innovations in biomedical knowledge/data management and information/research services at the health care or research institution. $10,000

Resource Sharing


Support projects that broaden access to health information. $7,500

Member Programs


Support the development of instructional programs that improve the knowledge and skills of librarians and health information professionals. $5,000


Closed Closed


*Distribution of Funds

The distribution of grant payments will be based upon a cost reimbursement model. This requires invoices and documentation of costs on a monthly basis to be submitted for approval and payment. As a result, grantees are required to expend local funds upfront and invoice the NN/LM NER for incurred expenses. Invoices and accompanying documentation are to be e-mailed to Refer to the following samples and templates (link forthcoming).