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Native Health Information Wiki

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Announcing a collaborative space for Native Health Information Outreach!

Share your experiences in:

Native American Health Information Services

This space is intended:

  • for those who work with health care providers serving Native peoples (American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians).
  • for those who work with Native health information consumers.
  • to improve health information access for Native peoples.
  • to exchange information from health information promotion and training experiences.
  • to complement sites already focused on health information for Native peoples.

Librarians, patient educators, and others who provide health information to Native peoples and their caregivers are encouraged to contribute your projects to the wiki. You can include outreach projects, education and training projects, resources you’ve developed, and descriptions of research you’ve done. Share information about technology you’ve used, observations you’ve made, and advice you have for others who would like to do something similar. If you are willing to share training/teaching materials or other related materials under the Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license, please post them. All material submitted to this site is shared under the Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license so that you can borrow and adapt the resources for your own use.

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