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NERConnects – Drupal Gardens and Google Sites

On June 27, 2012, the NER gave a webinar on an overview of content management systems, specifically Google Sites and Drupal Gardens.

There are other hosted platform systems, such as and weebly, but we focused on these two for specific reasons.  But we focused on these two for specific reasons.   Google accounts are quite popular.  One Google login will allow for more than one account to be hosted.  Drupal Gardens is a popular platform among libraries (while the backend might look different, the general concept or organization is similar).

Google Sites and Drupal Gardens are part of larger enterprises: they provide constant security upgrades, reliable product support, and both have large user communities.  Both platforms allow for collaborative development with colleagues and both platforms make web pages that can be highly customized.

So if you need to create a personal website for your CV, your association, or an event, using a hosted platform will save time and money.

While both platforms have their drawbacks, there are resources available to help you become familiar and comfortable users.   I’ve highlighted some for you below:

Drupal Gardens

Drupal Help Section – find forums, documentation, quick start guides

Drupal Blip TV channel- short videos on getting started

Google Sites

Google’s Help Section

Google’s training module on how to use Google Sites


Let us know what you think we should focus on at the next NERConnects tech webinar session in October by filling out this 1 question survey (It’s short– I promise.).

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