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Healthy Communities COI Activities

The Healthy Communities – Community of Interest (COI) announces our upcoming educational programs, in response to needs identified by our educational assessment. We will offer two webinar series for the New England Region. First, our leader, Deb Clark, will show you how to create an effective health information handout. You will have the opportunity to see examples of effective patient materials, craft an easy-to-read patient education handout, and share it with your colleagues.

Our second program will provide the opportunity to plan a creative health information outreach project. Project planning support will be provided. And, you can compete for funding to implement your project. Below are descriptions of each program with more details. Register for our webinars.

I look forward to facilitating the Healthy Communities COI.

Michelle Eberle

Creating an Effective Health Information Handout
Presented by Deb Clark
Part One: October 10, 2012
Part Two: December 12, 2012

Learn how to create an effective health information handout. Our Healthy Communities COI Leader, Deb Clark, will teach you tips and tricks to create easy-to-read and understand patient education materials using the concepts of plain language and good document design. Between October and December, participants will create their own handouts with support from mentors and peers. At the December session, participants will share their creations.

Creative Ideas for Health Information Outreach
Kick-off: January 9, 2013
OERC: date to be determined
Awardees highlighted: April 10, 2013

In this program series, you will have the opportunity to plan and implement a community health outreach project. In January, join us to learn about a variety of innovation outreach projects by librarians and health educators. A second webinar, led by the Outreach Evaluation Resource Center, will review the project planning, implementation, and evaluation process. Next, participants will be able to draft their own outreach plans and submit proposals for funding to the NN/LM NER, due by April 1, 2013. There will be mentoring and support available throughout the proposal development phase. Projects must be implemented between May 2013 and Dec 2013. Awardees will present on their projects for the Healthy Communities COI in a webinar on April 10, 2013.

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