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Clear: Conversations Project

Deadline: July 9, 2012

The Healthy Literacy COI (Community of Interest) invites New England Region Network Members to collaborate with us to offer Clear: Conversations, a program created by Health Literacy Missouri to empower patients to communicate effectively with their health care providers. Clear: Conversations provides patients with tools for better health outcomes. Patients will learn how to ask questions, slow down the care provider, and use “teach back” as a tool to manage their health. The NN/LM NER is awarding the materials ($50 value) and providing opportunity for network members to share experiences with planning and implementing this program.

What is the Clear: Conversations Project?

Clear: Conversations is a workshop for patients. The workshop teaches health literacy techniques. Workshop participants observe a volunteer patient role-play health scenarios with a health care provider. The workshop leader:
• Leads discussion on health literacy.
• Shares your own health literacy experiences and encourages others to share.
• Relates stories to health literacy issues.
• Explains the four clear communication techniques.
• Leads a role-play session with a health professional and volunteer patient.

What materials and project support are provided?

The guide to delivering this interactive workshop includes: instructions how to prepare and implement the workshop; a workshop check list; a health professional check list; a small group leader check list; sample role-play cases; follow-up activities; and health literacy resources and readings. The materials ($50 value) will be competitively awarded to network members.

Our planning session in the end of July will present an overview of the workshop and give participants opportunity to share approaches. Network members will have six months to offer the program at least once. We will meet by teleconference in January to share experiences.

How do I apply?

Return your application to Michelle Eberle by July 9, 2012. Libraries and organizations awarded the Clear Conversations materials are required to: offer the program at least once; join us for a planning teleconference, a wrap up teleconference; and provide a brief post-project report to share their experiences.

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