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NLM Online Users Update from MLA

Here are my notes from the SIS and MedlinePlus Update at the NLM Online Users’ Meeting at MLA in Seattle:

Check out the Showcase of NLM APIS.  You can find the link to the webinar in the technical bulletin. 

SIS update

  • The Drug Info Portal now includes 30,000 drugs. A new mobile site was released in April.
  •  ToxMap had a recent usability study, It will soon have a new look with new demographics.  
  • ToxMap was just updated with 2010 TRI info.
  •  Coming soon: new enhanced ALTBIB ( Animal alternatives for drug testing)
  • Hazmap has a new mobile site.
  • Toxlearn module 2 will be released in June
  • LiverTox debuted this month, includes info on drug induced liver trauma, overall 600 drugs goal go reach over1000
  • Toxtown 10th anniversary new southwest scene, after school activity, after school science club
  •  GeneEd, genetics for education, genetics research for high school students, includes lesson plans and actives
  • Environmental Health Students  Portal will get a facelift, usability study, will have a redesign
  • AIDSinfo and InfoSIDA redesigned, launched on World AIDS Day 
    HIV AIDS project funding is available. Proposals due June 18
  • Arctic Health site includes info on climate change
  •  American Indian Health now includes personal narratives of health
  • NLM4Caregivers is on Twitter and Facebook
  • RHIN redesigned, can follow RHIN on Twitter
  • WISER is 8 years old, iPhone app enhancements, working on universal IOS app
    New disaster apps webpage
  • CHEMM, developed for mass chemical event, released in mid 2011
    Follosw SIS on Twitter, Facebook, RSS

NIHSeniorHealth and MedlinePlus

NIH Senior Health

  • March 2012 redesign, previous redesign was 2008
  • 50 topics and 150 videos
  • Pages are longer, organized with subheadings in 3 topics
  •  New search feature


  • Goals for this year:
  • Increase number of visitors from US
  • Expand reach of content through new services and communications
  • On Twitter, since. Aug 2009
  • Spanish Twitter since 2011
  • Huge increase of Twitter followers
  • Huge increase in email updates, for all 900 topics
  • Subscriptions for health topics pages increased from 2 million to 39 million in last 2 years
  • Updates through RSS feeds
  • Share links to content with social media
  • Health topics web services returns search results in XML for your own site
    Example: look a SAMSHA  publication page
  • 22,000 to 940,000increase in web service requests
  • MedlinePlus Connect 
    Supports diagnosis, drug info and lab tests
  • Growth in health topics pages, to support MedlinePlus Connect
  • Now 900 health topics
  • MedlinePlus mobile, subset of info on MedlinePlus,
  • MedlinePlus Mobile Search box will be bigger, home link more prominent
  • Labelling search results
  • Expand web service for mobile
  • Spanish medication info for MedlinePlus coming soon
  • Email updates not just links but specific health info for consumers

PubMed Health

Biggest focus is on systematic reviews, not for consumers. Original launch seemed to overlap with MedlinePlus.  Now focused on CER, Comparative Effectiveness Results.


Might still be some tweaks to limits.  Send your feedback to Contact Us form.


NLM booth presentations will be posted online.

Sheldon Kotzin is retiring after 43 years as Associate Director of Library Operations.


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