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Clever Evaluation Webinar

Hello All, For those of you who could not attend the Healthy Communities COI’s webinar on creative ways to evaluate community outreach projects presented by the OERC’s Cindy Olney, you may listen to the recording of the webinar. The presentation is captioned. Cindy did a great job of explaining various methods of activity and outcomes evaluation.

She gave some practical examples and advice on how to measure behavior change outcomes as well as surveying for changes in participants’ knowledge and attitudes after a community health education event.

Learn when you can employ a direct surveying approach and when a logic model method of evaluation works best. Cindy was also willing to speak to anyone individually and advise them on evaluation possibilities for a specific outreach event being planned. The OERC has some helpful booklets that can be printed from the website at . Check it out along with the webcast.

By Deb Clark, Healthy Communities COI Leader

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